Roof Storm Damage

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Professional Roof Storm Damage Repair & Replacement

Is your roof suffering damage from a recent storm? Was this damage due to hail, wind, ice, rain, or fallen debris? Roof storm damage is probably the most prominent reason most people have to consider investing in roof repairs or roof replacements. Don?t worry! We can help!

What is Roof Flashing and Do I Need Roof Replacement?

Flashing is just material ( typically aluminum or steel ? that’s used in construction to prevent water seepage). If your area has recently undergone heavy storms, strong winds, ice, hail, or fallen debris – you should get roof flashing checked as soon as possible. What should I look if I expect flashing damage has occurred?

  • SEALANT CLUSTERS usually mean that there was a problem in the original with leaks in the original construction and a problem may exist
  • CRACKS in the roof can be a clear indicator that a roof needs repair or replaced
  • RUST on metal materials near the roof is a bad sign. This essentially means water has been let in and could potentially damage the overall construction.

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