Roof Replacement FAQ?s

What Qualities Should a Professional Roofing Contractor Possess?

You can expect an outstanding roofing contractor to:

  • Be supportive of local businesses
  • Operate within the confines of the law and obey regulations
  • Have an excellent referral reputation and solid?online ratings
  • Offer clients labor warranties from entrenched shingle manufacturers.
  • Offer proof of certification upon request
  • Use high-quality materials and offer various options
  • Be trusted and certified by a respected corporation

Are Estimates Necessary?

Estimates for Insurance Claims are not necessary until an Insurance Adjuster issues an itemized loss sheet.

When a client has an insurance claim on their roof, the insurance company writes?the estimate primarily for us. An adjuster is then sent from the client’s insurance provider and this adjuster will decide the full scope of the work that is to be finished. The adjuster will then issue an itemized loss sheet with market rates for the all?the work to be performed. Lagunas does not provide an estimate because we don?t know the scope of the work to be completed until the insurance company provides the itemized loss sheet.

When it comes to the conditions of our contract – we do the work for the amount the insurance company pays.?The only out of pocket cost for a client in this case will be their deductible.

Can You Waive My Deductible?

No – We do not waive deductibles.

For those who may not know, waiving your insurance deductible is actually considered insurance fraud. There?are contractors out there that will sometimes waive deductibles. Why is this bad? Waiving a deductible is illegal and can jeopardize you by placing you in a position to have insurance fraud charges brought against you.

If I Find A Contractor To Do The Work For Less Than The Insurance Company Agreed To Pay, Can I Keep Some Of The Money?

Not legally. ?Most insurance policies are replacement cost value policies, which means the insurance will pay whatever it costs you to do the repair, minus your deductible.

The loss sheet the insurance company provides is the max amount the insurance company will pay for the repair. ?After the work is complete – Lagunas will send the insurance company an invoice showing the amount we charged you for the work we did. Be cautious of contractors that offer to waive your deductible or give you money back for your claim; They may be guilty of insurance fraud.

What Can Be Expected On Installment Day?

We would like to remind anyone considering getting a new roof that an install is a major construction project. ?Our crews will be tearing off all of your home’s old shingles. ?This means that thousands of nails need to come off your roof. ?Depending on the roof’s steepness, it?s impossible to prevent some of them from falling into your yard. ?Inside your house, it will be noisy for the entire day – between the footsteps of workers and the removal of these nails.

Most people choose not to be home and to do something away from home the day of the install.

Children, pets, and vehicles must be out of the yard and driveway – we do not want any objects falling to cause them harm. Nails, as well as other falling debris, create a safety hazard. After nails have landed in the yard and driveway, they are still a potential danger for a vehicle’s rubber tires.

Our Lagunas crew will typically arrive as close to sunrise as possible. ?We finish most jobs in a day, but larger jobs or shorter days in the spring and fall occasionally may require more time.? If possible, please mow the grass as short as possible the day prior to install. This will help us greatly because once the install is complete, our team will need to go over your property with a magnet to pick up nails and they can get wedged in the grass.

What does the Roof Installation Process look like?

Laguna’s Roof Install Process:

  1. Lagunas Interstate Construction will replace any bad decking after we strip the roof completely down.
  2. Next, we will also replace any flashing approved by the insurance company.
  3. It is now time to consider gutters. We install gutter apron along the eaves and drip edge on the rakes.
  4. Following gutter set up, Lagunas adds both ice and water shield in the valleys of the as well as applies synthetic underlayment on the whole roof for weather protection.
  5. Finally, the last step in the process is the procedure for equipping shingles and a ventilation system of your choice.

Is it necessary for me to get multiple quotes when my insurance provider advises it?

No?- It is not necessary to get multiple quotes.

Insurance companies often say this because you are essentially doing the bargain shopping for the insurance company.? Lagunas Interstate Construction follows a Hassle-Free Pricing approach to all insurance claims. The hassle-free?pricing plan just means that we do all work for the insurance allowance. Any out-of-pocket expenses come only from your deductible and any selected upgrades.

Will Lagunas work directly with my insurance company and the Adjuster?


Whether it’s meeting your insurance adjuster to overcoming price discrepancies or invoicing the insurance company when your job is complete, we are more than willing to help.

I did not get all the money up front due to depreciation. What is depreciation?

The large majority of homeowners have Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policies. For most RCV policies, your insurance company retains a portion of the loss. This loss is referred to by the insurance company as depreciation. A recoverable depreciation will be released after the desired repairs are completed. It is important to realize that depreciation will only be released on the repaired items.

Do I need to be home while my roof is being repaired or installed?


Lagunas Interstate Construction roofing crew will only require access to outside power and water.